Karuna Reiki® Reiki FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions about Reiki, if you have a question that is not answered here please use the contact us page to ask!

Can you self treat with Reiki?
Yes, you can self-treat with Reiki. Also when you treat others you are receiving as well.

Is the flow of Reiki the same in both hands?
Reiki energy is the same in both hands as it is universal energy and there is no giving and receiving hand as in other forms of energy work.

 Are there any harmful side effects?
Some people report a time period after receiving a Reiki session or attunement that they are detoxing their bodies and sometimes get a little sick or feel less energetic, but I believe that is the body releasing the negative energies and not the actual Reiki making one sick.

What is the 21 day detox?
The 21 day detox begins after one receives an attunement. Some go through a period of detoxing and some do not, so it is not always what happens but in some cases it does. The detoxing can include anything from feeling more energetic to completely changing your life style, depending on what your body needs I believe the detox will do what is needed for the individual.

Can you heal a specific problem with reiki?
You can heal anything with Reiki! From physical pain to emotional Reiki can help heal. If the person being healed truly wants healing and is ready for it, I believe anything is possible. Not to say Reiki will heal everything, but in many cases it does. It is up to the individual.

What is the difference between an attunement and reiki session?
An attunement connects you to the Reiki energy and allows you to access it once complete. A Reiki session is when an Reiki practitioner performs Reiki on someone or something to assist them with healing.

How long does a Reiki session last?
Some Reiki sessions can last 10 minutes, some can last 2 hours. Depending on the type of Reiki energy that one uses and the amount of energy that is needed by the recipient the times can vary. Typically a full Usui Reiki session from me is anywhere from 45-70 minutes long.

Should I learn Reiki or just receive it?
I believe that everyone should learn Reiki, from a teachers standpoint I believe that learning reiki and incorporating it into ones life will bring about profound results. So if your new and curious I would say start off with a session and if you enjoy it, LEARN it!

Who can benefit from Reiki?
EVERYONE. EVERYTHING! People, the world, animals, plants, computers, cars, houses, boats, oceans, desks, literally everything can benefit from Reiki. If you believe the world is made up of energy then the world can benefit from reiki.

What does Reiki feel like?
Reiki feels differently to everyone, some feel nothing and some feel, hot, cold, tingles, prickly energy, and more. I believe depending on the energy that is needed one can feel many different sensations. What I think is most important to know is, that whatever it is you do or don't feel is exactly perfect for the situation.

Will a Reiki practitioner even run out of Reiki energy?
No, since the Reiki practitioner is using the Universal Life-Force Energy, it will never run out! When you are giving a Reiki treatment to someone, you are giving of your time and your intent to assist, but you are not giving away any of your own energy. Reiki is in infinite supply. It never runs out.

What are the hand positions?
Hand positions are places that a Reiki practitioner will place his or her hands to allow the reiki to flow to certain areas of the body. In some forms of Reiki the hand positions are not important, in other forms of Reiki they are very important.

Why is Reiki called "smart energy"?
Reiki is an intelligent energy because it knows which areas of the body most need healing and will automatically flow to specific areas where suffering or imbalance are prevalent.